Concrete Design

AJW Engineering’s provides a wide range of services to support your concrete design projects. Our firm has become specialists in the design utilizing concrete materials, including the design of: steel reinforced concrete, precast reinforced concrete, post-tensioned reinforced concrete, pre-stressed reinforced concrete and tilt-up concrete construction. AJW Engineering will work closely with your project team to deliver quick, innovative, and cost effective concrete designs. Through our firm’s value engineering principles with use of the latest engineering analysis software, our client’s can cut their costs with the most accurate designs that meet regional codes. AJW Engineering inclusively provides all formwork designs of all concrete structures; see our construction engineering services for concrete formwork services.

Our expertise is not limited to the construction of concrete structures; the demolition of concrete structures requires specialized detailed knowledge of these systems, especially those of post-tensioned concrete construction. This form of construction is notorious in large parking structures and other large concrete structures such as the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Architects, project managers, owners and general contractors all benefit from AJW Engineering’s knowledge and experience in concrete design.


  • Concrete Rehabilitation
  • Concrete Repair Method Specification
  • Post-Tension Cable Construction
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete Construction
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Construction
  • Foundations Design or Reinforcement
  • Hollow Core Slab
  • Concrete Stair & Ramp Systems
  • Tilt-up panel

Project Examples

  • Post-Tension Cable Analysis - Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON
  • Concrete Ramp ∓ Slab Design - Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls, ON
  • Tilt-up Construction – 5200 Sq. Ft. Structure - 40 Simpson Rd., Bolton, ON