Temporary Truss Structure Design

  • Services Provided: Temporary Truss Structure Design

Project Overview

Design of temporary aluminium truss tent structure on roof top patio of a lakefront building. Detailed design of all structural aspects of the temporary truss system including ballast/anchorage specification in addition to detail review of the existing suspended concrete slab for the additional loading.

Thrust Block Design

  • Services Provided: Thrust Block Design

Project Overview

Design of five (5) concrete thrust blocks for a 915mm Ø water main for bends ranging from 90° to 125°, the structures consists of mass concrete cores with shrinkage reinforcement. Detailed design of all structural aspects of the project, project included site inspection/meetings.

Complete Structural Design

  • Services Provided: Complete Structural Design

Project Overview

The complete structural design of a three (3) story commercial building, the structure consists of steel frame with concrete cores. Detailed design of all structural aspects of the project from foundations to the roof system including steel connections, project included review of all shop drawings and site inspection/meetings.

Temporary Event Structure Design

  • Services Provided: Temporary Event Structure Design

Project Overview

Complete structural, mechanical and electrical design of the temporary three (3) story structure created from modified shipping containers. Structural review of the existing suspended concrete slab, crane placement drawings with pathing to allow for the installation of the structure, project included review of all shop drawings and site inspection/meetings.

Structural Steel Platform Design

  • Services Provided: Structural Steel Platform Design

Project Overview

Structural design of a steel platform to be installed onto the roof a nine (9) story building to provide temporary construction access and storage capabilities during exterior renovation of a ~40 story building. Detailed design of stub columns, beams, complex connections and platform framing, project included review of all shop drawings and site inspection/meetings.

Parking Garage Rehabilitation

  • Services Provided: Parking Garage Rehabilitation

Project Overview

Structural renovation of to two (2) existing underground parking structures to join them together. The structures consisted of reinforced concrete parking level two (2) stories deep constructed at different occasions. Detailed design of concrete structure from foundations to roof system including access/exit ramps, project included review of all shop drawings and site inspection/meetings.

Engineering Renovation Design

  • Services Provided: Engineering Renovation Design

Project Overview

AJW Engineering was retained by Anthony Provenzano Architect to offer structural engineering services for the renovation of a downtown Toronto home. This project was unique in that it dealt with a very heavy and specialized curtain wall system that would be installed onto the home’s aging structure. Throughout the project, AJW was responsible in reviewing the architectural and structural drawings and to offer structural engineering support during the design and construction phases.

Guardrail Testing

  • Services Provided: Guardrail Testing

Project Overview

The use of glass panels in the design of condo balcony railings has been a growing trend in today’s condo market. As a result, builders, developers and condo owners have become more vigilant in the structural adequacy of the railings installed on their buildings. With our state of the art testing equipment, and our knowledgeable and experienced staff, AJW has completed over 7000 balcony guardrail tests and inspections for various clients in multiple locations across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These tests include anchor pull tests along with point load and uniformly distributed load tests on posts, guardrails, and glass panels.

Hoist/Mast Climber Design/Review

  • Services Provided: Hoist/Mast Climber Design/Review

Project Overview

Construction Hoists are a fundamental part of the high-rise construction industry. In order for construction crews to bring equipment, tools and materials up to the higher levels of the tower where construction is taking place, an elevating device is required. AJW has been involved in the layout and structural design of the setup for multiple hoists at various high rise construction sites in and around downtown Toronto: Ivory Condominiums, Backstage Condominiums, Bisha Hotel, DNA3, Peter Street Condominiums, Water Park Place and Ryerson University’s new Student Center to name a few.

Temporary Stage Design

  • Services Provided: Temporary Stage Design

Project Overview

AJW Engineering is very experienced in the design of different types of event staging at various locations. We have extensive experience in the design and conception of stages used for large productions in stadiums, convention centers, as well as outdoor venues.  
Contrary to standard design practice where the structures are designed based on temporary loading scenarios, the stage at Echo Beach was to be designed assuming full loading as it was to remain standing for a longer period of time. The stage was used for the summer months of 2013 by the likes of Bjork and many others.

Temporary Shoring Design

  • Services Provided: Temporary Shoring Design

Project Overview

Heritage properties in the Toronto area are increasingly being transformed into modern and sustainable spaces. In order to keep the historical value and character in these areas of the city where these buildings are located, certain portions of the structures are to remain intact, They are to be restored, and are to be included in the architectural retrofit of the new development. In the case of 399 King Street West, a heritage property owned by Little Trinity Church, the North facing wall was to be preserved and was to be incorporated in the design of the proposed community and events center. In order for construction to take place, support of the heritage wall was required. AJW was responsible in the design of five temporary shear frames that would support the wall during demolition and reconstruction of the new building. AJW was also responsible for the design of the new reinforced foundation wall panels underneath the heritage wall.

Scaffold Design

  • Services Provided: Scaffold Design

Project Overview

Point Clark Lighthouse, a national historical landmark built circa 1855, has undergone repairs to replace portions of its aging stone façade.  In order for the work to be completed safely and efficiently, scaffolding was required.  AJW was retained by Safway Services Inc. to design a scaffold of 90 ft in height which surrounded the entire lighthouse, on its entire height.

MTO Contract for QVE and Design

  • Services Provided: MTO Contract for QVE and Design

Project Overview

The Little Current swing bridge underwent a facelift in 2010 which required creative access system design for this specific project. The bridge itself was constructed in 1913 and is under constant criticism for its rough looks, contributing to slowing traffic to Manitouln Island. A temporary multipoint suspended scaffold (MPSS) was designed and installed around all the piers and all spans between to provide access to restore portions of the bridge. This method provided quick installation with the capability to re-use the system for access at other bridges also. In addition to the MPSS system, AJW Engineering has been retained to review and design other various temporary structures such as temporary vehicle crossing and metal barriers, while providing Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) Services assuring that these temporary structures are designed and installed in accordance to the contract documents. These QVE services are notoriously required for most projects with the Ministry of Transportation. This project is still ongoing, contact AJW Engineering at their head office for any inquiries.

Demolition, Rehabilitation & Shoring Design

  • Services Provided: Demolition, Rehabilitation & Shoring Design

Project Overview

Engineering of Viennese Palace replica stage which set the record for the largest scaffolding stage in the world topped the likes of the Rolling Stones (which previously held the record). When Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performed at the Rogers Centre during their “Romantic Night in Vienna”, an army of builders was needed for about 6 days, 24 hours a day, to erect the stage. The as-built stage contained 1600 km of steel and aluminum, and featured a 125 meter backdrop and an exact copy of the golden palace ballroom. AJW Engineering was retained as part of the stage design team of this epic masterful scaffolding structure. The dimensions of the new stage were 110 meters wide, 27 meters high, and 30 meters deep. Our firm was responsible for the scaffold engineering certification, the foundation analysis, and all permit & communication with the City of Toronto. Various issues appeared with the use of the stage within Canadian regulations, although the design team was able to triumph over the obstacles and witness the success in the largest scaffolding stage in the world. Of the thousands of scaffolding structures AJW Engineering has designed, this one clearly sticks out from the rest.