Temporary Stage Design

  • Services Provided: Custom Stage Engineering, Permit Application Services, Inspection Services, Review Existing Foundation to Verify Load Feasibility

Project Overview

Engineering of Viennese Palace replica stage which set the record for the largest scaffolding stage in the world topped the likes of the Rolling Stones (which previously held the record). When Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performed at the Rogers Centre during their “Romantic Night in Vienna”, an army of builders was needed for about 6 days, 24 hours a day, to erect the stage. The as-built stage contained 1600 km of steel and aluminum, and featured a 125 meter backdrop and an exact copy of the golden palace ballroom. AJW Engineering was retained as part of the stage design team of this epic masterful scaffolding structure. The dimensions of the new stage were 110 meters wide, 27 meters high, and 30 meters deep. Our firm was responsible for the scaffold engineering certification, the foundation analysis, and all permit & communication with the City of Toronto. Various issues appeared with the use of the stage within Canadian regulations, although the design team was able to triumph over the obstacles and witness the success in the largest scaffolding stage in the world. Of the thousands of scaffolding structures AJW Engineering has designed, this one clearly sticks out from the rest.