Structural Engineering Services

AJW Engineering provides complete structural engineering support for the design, evaluation, analysis, inspection, and evaluation of any structural system. We carry the experience and reputation to provide quick, innovative, and cost-effective engineering for architects, property managers, and general & sub contractors. Our firm is dedicated to using the client’s concepts, goals and ideas to provide the best possible designed solution. We provide a wide range of structural engineering services for residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

AJW Engineering is frequently involved in new design trends such as within the renewable energy sector. There has been a growing interest in installing renewable energy resources such as solar panels & wind energy structures; AJW Engineering has the experience with new or existing buildings that are being proposed for the construction to have their structure accommodate the weight of these energy systems.

AJW Engineering has over 20 years experience of structural engineering services, from small additions, to concert stage designs, to civil bridge structures, to taking part in multi-million design-build opportunities. Whatever structural system that needs a professional engineer, AJW Engineering responds quickly, effectively, with innovative and cost-effective designs.


  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Bridge Structure Design
  • Bridge Inspection Platform
  • Camera Zip Lines
  • Condition Assessment (Evaluation of Existing Structures)
  • Custom Access Platforms
  • Event Suspension/Rigging
  • Event Tent & Counterweight Design
  • Expert Witness
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Lintel/Needle Beam Design
  • Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) Design.
  • Solar Panel Structure
  • Stair & Ramp Systems
  • Steel Stud Design
  • Steel & Other Various Metal Construction
  • Timber Construction
  • Trade Show Booths/Mezzanines
  • Underpinning
  • Wind Energy Structures
  • Window Cleaning/Construction Roof Anchor Systems Roof Anchor Inspection and Testing
  • Roof Anchor Inspection & Testing

Project Examples

  • Red Path Sugar Addition - Red Path Sugar, Toronto, ON
  • Design of Proposed Mechanical Room Addition - 220 Wilkinson, Brampton, ON
  • Custom Mobile Maintenance Access Platform - Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC